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Have you ever wished that potions were liquids that could be placed in the world? Now they are! Fluid potions are found randomly generated in the Mystic Forest. They can be picked up with either a bucket or a golden chalice. Each potion has an amount of stability and once that reaches 0, the potion turns to water; however, you can repair the stability of a potion by picking it up with the golden chalice. As the chalice takes damage the stability of the potion increases.


When first picked up the potion has 100% stability. By picking the potion up in a bucket it can be moved; however, while the potion is being stored in a bucket (in a players inventory) its stability will decrease over time. Once placed in the world, a more stable environment, stability ceases to decrease. Colliding with the potion source block will remove any where from 3-10% of the potions stability in conjunction with giving the player the desired potion effect. The duration of the potion effect is determined by the stability of the potion. If you wish to repair your potion pick it up with a golden chalice. As the chalice takes damage the stability of the potion increases. In this manner you can make a potion last for eternity.

Finding Fluid PotionsEdit

To find fluid potions you are going to have to do some searching for a Mystic Forest. Once you have found one explore it for circular puddles or sparkling liquid. Mystic Forests are rare biomes and fluid potions are random so take what you can get!

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