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Potions have always been limited to what could be done with them. They can't be stored except in unstackable masses and there was not way to store them in tanks. This is not the case! With Dynamic Liquid Tanks 2 you can store all the potions you want. Simply right click with the bottle on the tank and the potion will be stored. 


To store potions simply right click with the bottle on the tank and the potion will be stored. Right clicking with a glass bottle will drain 1,000mB of that potion and give it back to you in item form. Despite having multiple Storage Upgrades installed only one liquid can be placed per tank.

Potion EffectsEdit

Sometimes I just want 5-10 seconds of that potion effect, anything else is overkill. This is achievable with the Tank Controller. Once a potion is stored in a tank the player just has to left click the Tank Controller with an empty hand to gain the desired potion effect for 1/10th of the time. In conjunction only  1/10th of the potion is used in the process making 1 potion last 10 uses.

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